Thursday, July 8, 2010

Flight home and... Canada?

Security was questionable at the Istanbul airport for our flight home to Chicago. On our way through security, something looked suspicious in our bag, so they had us take them over to a table for search, then left us alone with them for 5 minutes or so before returning to actually do the search. Nice one.

Then our transatlantic flight ran out of gas and we got diverted to Toronto (making an even 20 foreign countries on the trip). It was crazy hot. The woman sitting across the aisle from Josh passed out from the heat and we took off with her laid across a set of seats with an oxygen mask on and people fanning her trying to help her cool down. She did seem to fully recover by the time we got to Chicago, but I was troubled by the treatment she got.

We were fortunate enough to be re-booked on another flight to Portland that same evening, and while we didn't actually need to hurry to catch it, we found ourselves running hand-in-hand through the airport just because we were so happy to be back in the United States and overflowing with energy. O'Hare airport has never looked so good. We arrived in Portland only about 4 hours late and Mary's parents were there to greet us. Our checked luggage didn't make it until the next day... the first and only leg of the journey where it failed to keep up with us.

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