Friday, May 7, 2010

Xi'an – Rest Day

The plan for our last day in Xi'an was to see some sights in the city: bicycle around the city walls (in the hot-hot sun), visit the Chinese Mosque, and see the Big and Little Goose Pagodas. Which would have been cool, I'm sure, but after the previous 3 long and full days (transit has eaten a stressful chunk of each day we've been in Xi'an) we decided we needed a day off. Booked our next hostel in Beijing, booked our flight from Cairo to Rome, tried to upload photos for the blog (connection is too slow), played some pool (Mary lost on account of calling the wrong pocket, again!), chatted up other tourists, went back to the very good First Noodle Under the Sun restaurant for a couple more great meals, and generally relaxed. It was good and much needed.

In the evening we got on our overnight train to Beijing, from which I am writing this the next morning. I think there is a pretty good chance that today is another rest day.

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