Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sukothai - Arrival and Rest Day

Sukothai was the original capital of Thailand, and is now in ruins. While older than our previous ruined capital stop, Ayutthaya, it is supposed to be in much better shape. We'll visit tomorrow. Today is travel and relaxation, swimming-pool style.

From Drop Box

From Drop Box

After swimming and relaxing, we ventured out in search of various things we wanted to buy, and actually managed to find someone selling baking soda. Sweet. (Mary washes her hair with baking soda, but didn't bring enough for the whole trip.) Also purchased a bag of jam (yes, it comes in bags here) from the same woman. Also got a loaf of whole wheat bread from a bakery. This should do us for a few breakfasts, and is much better than paying 20B ($0.60) for two little slices of duck bread in a restaurant. Josh has been craving bread lately. Unfortunately, we totally failed to find Sukothai-style noodles, and ended up at a street vendor where we had our first truly disappointing Thai meal of the trip. We'd been starting to wonder if it was possible to find bad Thai food in Thailand... yep, even here.

(Our room at that beautiful hotel ended up sucking for sleeping in, and we moved to a characterless, but nicely functional hotel nearby the next morning.)

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