Monday, March 1, 2010

Side Topic: Wildlife in India

Wildlife is ubiquitous in Indian cities. In rough order of commonness, we have:

  1. Dogs - Lots of wild dogs in the streets. Some are kept, some are partially kept, most are wild. The eat refuse like squirrels do in the states, and bark more than I'd like. A lot have been wounded from being hit in the streets.

  2. Cows - Yes, there are tons of cows in the streets in cities and towns. The get in the way of traffic, and scavenge the leftovers in the street. At night, they go home and get milked. Cows are big. We even saw one in the train station and on the train tracks.

    Cow Eating Garbage in the Train Station from Drop Box

    Cows in the Street from Drop Box

  3. Goats, Pigs, and Sheep - Like cows, but smaller. Which of these is most common seems to vary by region.

    Goats Climb on Stuff from Drop Box

    Goats Eating Leftover Flower Garlands Along Sacred River from Drop Box

  4. Squirrels are more like chipmunks in size.

  5. Monkeys - Monkeys are like really big and human-like squirrels. The really cheeky ones can steal handbags and eat the food out of them. Elsie had this happen to her; she got her stuff back, sans food. They seem to have become well adjusted to human society. Monkeys are crazy fast at moving around in cities or anywhere with some vertical stuff to climb on. Monkeys will probably get the vote soon.

    From Drop Box

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