Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Phitsanulok - Waterfalls by Bus

Our hotel included breakfast, a first for us this trip, but interestingly, if you get a Thai breakfast you get a large amount of food (the Thai omelet was a greasy two egg omelet with meat over a heaping mound of white rice with a side of thin soup), compared with a meager breakfast if you choose one of the Western options (one fried egg, one tiny square of white toast, and two of the tiniest sausage links you've ever seen, OR two tiny squares of white toast). Huh.

We caught a bus toward Lom Sak, which is past the waterfalls that we're going to. The first waterfall was quaint; it’s the dry season, so flow was small, but there was still a nice watering hole that Josh went swimming in (amongst a group of Thai youths). Some of them were even jumping off the cliff and into the water (15' drop). Mary guarded the stuff and dangled her feet in the water.

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After a time, we caught the bus to Kaeng Sopha, which is the biggest waterfall. It's a hilly 2km hike the waterfall, with a 200b ($6) entrance fee.

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By the time we arrived, it was practically time to leave, but we sat and snacked first. The falls looked nice, but they're also short of water (still not the wet season), and are disappointing for the time, money, and effort.

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The lack of water wasn't all bad though--the cleaver bamboo bridges did not fill us with confidence.

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We caught a bus home and grabbed some street food and took it home to eat in the AC.

If this doesn't sound like a very full day, that's because you weren't standing in the sun with us waiting ages for the buses to arrive. We’d wanted to hit 4 waterfalls, but evidently that really requires having your own wheels.

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