Monday, March 15, 2010

Ayutthaya to Phitsanulok

This morning we had our first restaurant meal in Thailand before departing from Ayutthaya by train to Phitsanulok. We could see why the guidebook says to take the bus over the train. The train ride was bumpier and the car older and funkier than the bus we took to Ayutthaya. I think it was also more expensive than the comparable bus ride would have been, and it was late. But it did get the job done and we are here now.

We walked down to the TAT (Tourist Authority of Thailand, or something like that) and picked up some info on our adventure for tomorrow: busing to a bunch of waterfalls. Then checked into a really nice hotel for only 460 Bhat. This place doesn't have the charm of our last hotel, but it does have furniture in vast quantities and a mini fridge, which I am using to freeze some of the complementary drinking water for tomorrow. It's a lot like your basic $60-$80/night place along the highway in the US, and it makes me a little sad there isn't more to do in this city.

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