Monday, April 19, 2010

Singapore - Asian Civilizations Museum

Went to the Asian Civilizations Museum today. It was probably the best museum of the trip with lots of great artifacts, informative captions, reasonable use of multimedia, and even hands-on children's sections in each exhibit. It had exhibits on India, China, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

The best part was probably the adequate amount of information and displays. There wasn't an overwhelming amount of information, (cough Churchill Museum cough), nor was there a dearth of displays (cough almost every Museum this trip cough). And the pieces themselves were nice.

Some of the things we saw:
  • Balinese instruments like what Mary played her senior year in College.
  • Treasury of the World (actually just Indian treasures), a traveling exhibit.
  • How marbled paper is made.
  • Lots of amazing Islamic calligraphy.
  • More Buddhas, there are always more Buddhas.
  • Lots of beautiful China from China.
  • Also, our excellent tour guide told us lots of stores about famous women from Asia.
  • And I got to see Josh wearing a turban.
  • And an ancient D12. Who knew they were playing dungeons and dragons way back then?

From Singapore

From Singapore

From Singapore

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