Thursday, April 1, 2010

Personal Life Update

After 2 months of blow-by-blow travel updates, I suppose I should fill you all in on the more personal side of travel, especially since we have so much to tell. To get the big news out first, Mary is pregnant. We thought it was an old wives tale about antibiotics messing with birth control, but apparently not so much. And here I thought it was the water making me feel queasy in the morning. We're really excited though. Aside from the desire to not have morning sickness on the trip (which really hasn't been so bad), we would have been trying to get pregnant.

As you know, we've been having a blast. So much fun in Laos in particular that we've decided to stay. Mary has a job lined up teaching English and math, while Josh plans to open a cafe selling overpriced pizza and coffee to tourists. We're hoping that this will leave us a lot more free time and disposable income to pursue experimental green technology that could be of great use here, plus of course more time to explore Asia over the years.

Before getting started with all this though, we're going to continue our travel tour so that we can see everyone back home in the States before Mary is too far along to travel. But we are changing around the itinerary a bit. We figure we'll have easy access to China in the future, so we're going to spend a couple months doing a volunteer program in the Middle East that seems right up our alley. Basically we spend the time trekking through the hills near the Iran/Iraq border posing as tourists, to make the trekking groups seem credible to the Iranian government for the CIA agents who will be traveling with us. Anyway, it's supposed to be absolutely beautiful up there and we can't wait!

I hope everyone is doing well back home. Happy April Fools Day!


  1. I hear the weather in eastern Iraq is beautiful this time of year. There is also the bonus that if you are imprisoned, the three (assuming the baby is born in prison) could be an international headline. Then you could write a book about it. Everyone loves reading about babies born jail. Therefore, securing your futures forever.

  2. Congratulations to Mary! She is so brave! Although I'd like to think differently,I'd probably I'd be back on the first plane back to the US at that point :)

    I've really enjoyed the blog.