Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Xi'an – Army of Terracotta Soldiers

Today we made the obligatory trip out to see the Terracotta Army. It was impressive, but awash in tourists. Like the tomb yesterday, it's museum was built over and around the pits, but it was not as nice in several ways: we found ourselves much further away from everything, there were loads of other tourists, there was no glass between us and the artifacts which is probably bad for them, and there was a lot less variety among the artifacts. The only things the Terracotta Army really had going for it over the Tomb of Emperor Jingdi was fame and life-sized figures.

Still, there is something to be said for stepping into the pages of a captivating National Geographic feature from your childhood. And for all it lacked in presentation, it was still impressive.

From Xi'an

From Xi'an

For dinner we went to First Noodle Under The Sun, where we had some really good sweet and sour pork and a dish that supposedly had a single noodle some 8 meters long!

From Xi'an

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