Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bharatpur to Sawai Madaipur - General Class on an Indian Train

After our 3rd night in Bharatpur, Josh claimed to be feeling better, so we hopped the train (last minute 'general' tickets) to Sawai Madaipur where we checked into Hotel Tiger Safari and booked a tiger safari for early the next morning before eating dinner and turning in early.

The car we found ourselves in with our general boarding tickets was officially a ladies car, but there were men there as well. Labeling indicated the seats were supposed to take 5 people across, but we packed in up to 8 across, plus many children and some adults (including Josh) up on the luggage racks. And people standing. My camera wasn't handy and it didn't seem polite to take a photo anyway, but several cell phones were pointed at us to take our pictures. Don't see a lot of white people packed in like that I bet. The trip was mostly pretty comfortable, except for worrying about our luggage, and the guy who was sitting next to me for a while who seemed (though I'm not sure) to be using the crowded space as an excuse to rub his arm against my breast in a not very innocent seeming way. Ugh.

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